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Three siblings' struggle to understand their survivor father.

Tales of anti-semitism on campus, of self-hatred and obsession, and of survivor parents whose response to the Holocaust is to isolate themselves.

Chaya, a Belgian philosophy student and child of survivors, discovers Jewish tradition and grapples with whether or not the universe is a random, meaningless coincidence and the hatred of Jews over the centuries. Made into a film called "Left Luggage," starring Isabella Rosellini.

Nonfiction/Recollection/Children of Survivor Stories

The author berates Nazis, French collaborators and himself. 
Elisar Publication, 1986.
Reprints author's autobiographical contributions to Wrestling with the Angel and Hometowns and adds some more pieces on being gay and a COS. 
Author discovers she is Jewish and the child of survivors at age 17 and tries to integrate her story with her parents' silence and inventions.

Anna, through recollections and dreams, describes the lives of her mother and aunt from the marketplaces of pre-war Krakow, through the Holocaust, to Schindler's factory, and finally in suburban Melbourne. 



E-Journal from the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Toronto Canada.




Author was born in post-war Germany, came to the U.S. in 1962 and became a voice teacher, a visual artist and a poet. She writes "Come with me on a voyage into the vast abyss of the human soul and witness the transformation of my feelings into color, form and verbal images. The exteriors are stripped away and only the essence remains." For more about the author, see the soulreflections website. Nominated for the 2004 Pulitzer Prize.

The poetry is presented by the author and accompanied by original compositions for cello by Johanne Perron.

Hidden Children Stories

In her mid-30s Helen Fremont discovered that, although she had been raised in the Midwest as a Catholic, she was in fact the daughter of Polish Jews whose families had been exterminated in the Holocaust. The memoir chronicles the voyage of discovery she took with her older sister, ferreting out information from Jewish organizations and individuals and worrying about its impact on their angry, overpowering father and reticent, nightmare-plagued mother.



Children's Books

At 15, Alona is considered too young to join her school's tour of concentration camps in Poland, but she argues eloquently and is finally accepted. 



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